Biochemical Engineering eBook

by James Lee
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Table of Contents


1. Introduction: Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering


2. Enzyme Kinetics: Kinetics, bioreactor design, inhibition, etc.


3. Immobilized Enzyme: Immobilization techniques and effect of mass transfer resistance


4. Industrial Applications of Enzymes: Carbohydrates, starch conversion, and cellulose conversion


5. Cell Cultivations: Microbial, animal, and plant cell cultivations, cell growth measurement, and cell immobilization


6. Cell Kinetics and Fermenter Design: Growth Cycle, Kinetics, batch and continuous stirred-tank fermenter, multiple fermenters in series, cell recycling, alternative fermenters, and structured kinetic models


7. Genetic Engineering: DNA and RNA, cloning of genes, stability of recombinant cells, genetic engineering of plant cells


8. Sterilization: Sterilization methods, thermal death kinetics, design criterion, batch and continuous sterilization, and air sterilization


9. Agitation and Aeration: Basic mass-transfer concepts, measurement techniques, mass-transfer coefficient, interfacial area, gas hold-up, power consumption, oxygen absorption rate, volumetric mass transfer coefficient, scale-up, and shear sensitive mixing


10 Downstream Processing: Filtration, centrifugation, cell rupture, extraction, adsorption, precipitation, chromatography, electrophoresis, membrane separation.


Total 350 pages, formatted for easy viewing and printing.